My Halloween Costume: Instagram Camera

instagram_camera_costume_eric_micotto Hipster alert. This year's Halloween Costume: a fully-functional Instagram camera! Images taken with the front mounted camera are instantly transmitted to the back panel onto a mounted iPad. 今年のハロウィンコスチュームはインスタグラム カメラ!フロントに固定してるカメラで撮った写真は 背中のパネル(iPad)に表示されます。

instagram_camera_costume_eric_micotto2A quick rundown on the setup. I used a Nikon D800 with an Eye-fi SD card combined with a portable wifi router. Note that in most cases, the portable router isn't necessary as the Eye-fi card is equipped with a direct transfer mode allowing you to transfer straight to your device. Unfortunately because the D800 isn't fully compatible with this mode, I have to use the router.

instagram_camera_costume_eric_micotto3 At a party last weekend. Worked out flawlessly!

UPDATE: Thanks so much for all your comments! Also a big thanks to the guys at PetaPixel for running a story on it. I gave them some more details on how I put the costume together so please check them out here if interested.

UPDATE 2 : For Canadian viewers: Discovery Channel's Daily Planet program ran a video segment on the costume. Check it out here: