McLaren at Fuji Speedway

Here's a shot I did for McLaren and Hasseblad Japan back in May at Fuji Speedway.

McLaren マクラーレン

Below left: the shot printed in Hasselblad's first issue of Roku Roku! On the right: a little behind the scenes.
下記左:ハッセルブラッド発行誌「六六」に掲載されました!  下記右:撮影裏側


And one bonus panned shot from out on the track!
おまけ コース内での引きの一枚


Lastly here's a short video from the day created again by Keiju Kita.
Huge thanks to McLaren and Hasselblad Japan for a great shoot!
最後にKeiju Kitaさん撮影のショートビデオです。

Shooting 200 megapixel files at Artfully Connected

Here's a BTS clip from a couple months back shooting with the Hasselblad H4D-200ms for Artfully Connected, an exhibit organized by the Swedish embassy in Tokyo. 

While the 200ms is naturally used often with digital archiving, high-end product photography and the sort, I'm stoked to be experimenting with other creative ways to take advantage of it's ridiculous power. 

Hope to have some results to share soon!

Thanks always to Hasselblad Japan and Keiju Kita for the video.